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The · sun · that · never · sets · The · flowers · that · never · wither

Describing all things beautiful with ugly words

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* * *
i've felt you so many times before
in the stairwell, close to the corridor
i've dreamt of this before
drifting inside of my sorry thoughts

in a crowded place, all i can see is you
your scent filling the air
distracting me from all my conversations
disrupting my once peaceful life

why are the things i want always forbidden
why do these people never understand
All i wished for is so hidden
never out there in the open
* * *
I'd imagine just the way it'd be
sitting on this old bus
against the torn chair
the worn armrests

its the last day for me
the last time i'd go down this winding road
that poignant feeling
seeping deep into my soul

i am just about to give up
just about to give in
i was just thinking about you
thinking about this life

beyond your dusty skin
beyond your hardened demeanor
somehow i never get into your core
somehow i never get to who you are

this road i am moving on 
today it'll take me the long way home
maybe in another time and place
we shall no longer remain alone
* * *
I watch you in the darkness
seeing you through your sound
seeing your footsteps
come closer and closer 

even though you never know
you are the central life force of this tired place
you are the sense of excitement in this drearyness
relentlessly deceiving me, tearing down my inhibitions

you know,
all things regarding you come to naught
just as it is impossible
for a moth to become a butterfly

yet in this darkness
in the shelter of the darkness
i can try to close my eyes
but i still see you

and even when you are long gone
i still remember your sound
i remember how i almost touched you
how much i wanted to
* * *
Saying goodbye is never easy
I chose to leave you with the best memories of me

Promise me,
That you will never forget me
and this summer love of you and me

It was this summer
this love of the summer
this summer of love

Never forget me
* * *
Losing love is akin to having a sad dream
But in the end, we realise that we're all alone
* * *
* * *
We always think there is gonna be more time
Like everything really revolved around us

I'd stay with you
I could be with you
Maybe I'd learn to live for you
But I don't have that in mind

Uncover your eyes
The world is blind
Why should you be like them
Why should everything be colourless and bland

Please feel
Don't give up
You could change your life
Just one last time
* * *
Without colour 
All in black and white
the world drowns in distant monochrome
One that is present cannot be felt

Without light
is a blind man in the dark
he sits there cautious and unemphatic
in reluctance to venture out

Without appreciation
is a growing baby without nutrition
an infant crying out for attention
there already has been a stain
Without hearing
is like a captive in isolation
with no exposure or connection to the outside world
trapped in a room full of only his own ideas
Without compromise
is a road that leads to a dead end
you have been blocked
do you turn back, or venture off the track
Without love 
even the most beautiful things
cannot be seen
they have become invisible
* * *
I'm lying on soaked cotton
the white, pale ceiling
and the voluminous mess in my room
speaks loud and audible tones

i'm dressed in beautiful clothing
my makeup is impressionable
my hair all done up
but inside i am empty

in echoes
the world resounds 
like me
just like me

so lonely
alone without feeling
alone without soul
alone without compromises

i am thirsty for the meaning
so bitterly searching
could you let me know
could you take me home
* * *
i want to float in the sky
like a spectrum of light
like a falling leaf
like a crushed moth

i want to drift in the sea
like the froth of its mouth
like the sand of its shores
like the shells of its creatures

i want to close the ending of the past
and open the door leading to the future
time will not wait
for things not worth waiting for
i want to meet my silent fate
i want to know 
what will be to come?
what will i become?
wherever she leads me
is a rendition i cannot justify
all i know of is this
those who cannot follow will be left behind
* * *
in my mind are these flashes
fragments of an elusive shadow
all these flights of stairs
how long do i have to climb to get out of here

No matter how fast i run
i just can't catch up to you
to see your features clearly
to touch the hem of your clothing

you are standing on a plane
is it the same level as mine?
am i still running?
or is my body already falling?

the world shifts in an unpredictable motion
having an independent axis of its own
i am afraid
but still i hold on to your hand

in my subconsciousness
i know as long as you are with me
i will survive
deep in the blue
* * *
* * *